BUSTR Operational Compliance and ABC Operator

Confused about BUSTR compliance?
Feeling overwhelmed with the new BUSTR regulations for UST owners & operators?
Have you designated and trained your required A,B and C operators?
Do you know if your tank system is in compliance?

Let Beck Suppliers, Inc. help you navigate through this maze of BUSTR compliance regulations.

BUSTR Background Information

As per Rule 1301:7-9-19 of the Ohio Administrative Code; starting August 8, 2012 the Bureau of Underground Storage Tank Regulations (BUSTR) is requiring that all Underground Storage Tank (UST) owners or operators designate fully trained A, B and C operators for their site.

Eliminate "Headaches" with Beck’s Complete Compliance Package

Beck Suppliers, Inc. is offering a Complete Compliance Package for UST owners’ and operators’ that will alleviate the need for training Class A, B personnel. We will take over your responsibility and be the appointed Class A and B contacts for your site. Per the new requirements you will still be required to have at least one trained Class C operator during all hours of operations. With our Complete Compliance Package we will offer the training you need for your appointed Class C operators. Along with your Complete Compliance Package we will provide the following services:

  • We will be your responsible Class A and Class B contacts.
  • Annually review your BUSTR inspection records and Class C training records and check them for accuracy.
  • Give direction on the proper course of action upon a release or spill from UST systems at the facility.
    • We can provide cleanup and remediation, in the event of a spill, at an additional cost.
  • Maintain and track your annual BUSTR timeline and provide the required inspection and testing at a reduced rate.

As an owner or operator you will still be responsible for the following:

  • Daily operation and reconciliation.
  • Completion of your annual UST registration.
  • Completion of your annual PUSTR Assurance Fund requirements.
  • Providing PUSTR with your proof of financial responsibility.

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